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Top 10 Tours & Rentals in NYC

10. NY Water Taxi

MAP   SITE   (212) 742-1969

See all the main attractions of NYC without the crazy downtown traffic. The New York Water Taxi is perfect for tourists who want to see the city in a more relaxed way. The all-day access pass allows you to check out NYC's landmarks in just 90 minutes. But the best part? You can be as flexible as you want if you need more time to explore – plans can fluctuate with your personal itinerary. Purchase tickets online or at one of the 6 piers this Top 10 New York City Water Taxi is docked. 

9. NYC Bus Transit


Another way to get around NYC without having to deal first-hand with the inner-city madness is to take the NYC Bus Transit. Bus fare is $2.75 and must be paid in exact change, unless you have a pre-paid MetroCard. You'll notice the common thread within our Top 10 NYC transportation—a MetroCard will make traveling around town a whole lot easier.

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8. Citi Bike


You pick one out with your card, you use it, and then you return it. Using Citi Bike is as easy as renting a book from a library! Purchase a pass online, head on over to one of the hundreds of Citi Bike stations, and ride. It’s important to note that with a short-term rental you may travel up to 30 minutes per trip, and with a long-term rental you may travel up to 45 minutes per trip. More trip options are available for a small fee. Top 10 New York City bike rentals are available 24/7, 365 days a year.  

7. OnCabs New York

APP   SITE   (646) 248-5860

With an advance-booking feature, OnCabs New York makes traveling a little easier. OnCabs is an upstart taxi service that includes: clean cars, unusually friendly customer service, and very flexible pick-up destinations. Perfect for people who are always on-the-go and don’t want to spend a lot of money. 

6. Roosevelt Is. Tram

MAP   SITE   (212) 832-4555

How’s the weather up there? If you have a fear of heights, this Top Ten NYC tram is probably not for you. The Tram takes a short 10-minute trip from upper Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. Like most moves, you can use your MetroCard to pay the nominal fee to ride. Think of it as a smaller, slower subway train that moves via sky cables. You can get a great view of the skyline from up here! Operates 6 AM to 2 AM Sun thru Thurs, and 6 AM to 3:30 AM Fri & Sat.

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5. Liberty Helicopters

MAP   SITE   (800) 542-9933

A tour of NYC on land is one thing, but by air it’s a whole new ballgame. Liberty Helicopters offer a variety of specialized Top 10 New York City tours that vary from 12 to 20 minutes long. Purchase online and then call to reserve a day and time. This is a tour you don’t want to miss out on. So be choppy about it and choose the choppers!

4. Big Bus Tours

MAP   SITE   (212) 685-8687

For family-sized fun in the sun, nothing beats an open-air double-decker bus tour of NYC. Big Bus Tours offers double-decker drive-bys on 3 great routes that span the best neighborhoods including Downtown, Uptown, and Brooklyn! They even have a Top 10 NYC night tour where you can take in the lights of Time Square! All Aboard!

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3. Statue Cruises

MAP   SITE   (201) 432-6321

If the Statue of Liberty is on your to-do list, then so is this Top 10 NYC cruise! Float around on the Liberty & Ellis Island Ferry because it’s the only way to reach the Statue of Liberty! Order your ticket online and choose if you’d rather see Lady Liberty from the ground, the base of her statue, or peering out from her crown. Tickets are between $18 and $21 for adults, and all tickets include the ferry ride, audio tours, and admission to both Liberty and Ellis Islands. 

2. Gotham Dream Cars

MAP   SITE   (201) 661-9800

Near the pinnacle of our Top 10 NYC rentals is Gotham Dream Cars, offering the finest cars in the world for the discerning driver. Imagine cruising across the Brooklyn Bridge at the wheel of your very own Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari 458 Italia, or Rolls Royce Phantom... Grab your driving gloves and goggles... Route 97 to the Hawk's Nest is calling!

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1. Grand Central

If you’ve ever seen the movies Madagascar, I Am Legend, The Avengers, Around the World in 80 Days, Cloverfield, or Men In Black (just to name a few), this subway station will sound familiar to you. That’s because the Grand Central Terminal is not only one of NYC’s main ways to get around, but it has starred in tons of movies, too. You'll find shops of all kinds and even a Shake Shack! Be sure to purchase a MetroCard beforehand.

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